Being Extra

As our conversation goes on I feel dissatisfied, dejected
Nothing dissected

Not that there needs to be anything here for me
I'm nobody
Just a dying flame you wish to extinguish with pleasantries
And you're not anyone to me but someone to appease

So why do I feel like there needs to be something?
I feel this with everyone who provokes some stirring
A need for substance, an essence
An understanding of your unique presence

My judgmental mind
I wish you to be something to be analyzed
Grounding her current steps in previous mistakes
Epiphanies to which enlightenment awaits

I want you to be who I think I am
Diversity be damned
My selfish need for something grander
But also it wouldn't hurt if we had some witty banter

My insatiability bores even me
But who else will be the worst to the most perplexing degree?

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