Optimistic Resignation

I live my privileged life
Wandering from interest to interest
Connecting with anyone who can bear my strife
Thinking pretentious thoughts with disinterest

Like how I could help the perturbed
I know it takes a lot more than me
But I need my life to feel deserved
So that before my last sleep
I can say I lived my days unreserved

But nagging me as I pursue my vocation
Through the cracks of all my grandiosity
Is the thought of our collective resignation
Toward unimaginable monstrosity
That could conquer all creation
And would scoff at the pities
Created by my feeble imagination

I know I can't control them
Even their creators have barely a clue
So I assert my individualism
Declare my personal view
Like writing this poem
Rushing to do it all before the time is due

Feeling a sense of awe and daze
That besides all the lives 
My limited perspective will have shaped
I'm the only one affected by how I live my life
And that is kind of great!

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