• The Dilemma of Those Who Want to Use Their Careers to Do Good

    Those who wish to have careers that have a positive impact on the world often consider working for nonprofits since the mission and purpose of these entities are to further social causes and provide a public benefit. But, these aspiring do-gooders are often dismayed by the low wages associated with the field. A U.S. Bureau […]

  • How to Make and Keep Friends as Adults

    A Review of Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make — and Keep — Friends by Marisa G. Franco, PhD I find it interesting how, as adults, whenever we think of friendship, we mostly think of how wholesome it is. With friendship, there usually aren’t any self-serving caveats that may come with […]

  • The Problem with Rationalists

    I have a complicated relationship with rationality. On one hand, I believe it can help me make better choices that make sense for what I want to accomplish. On the other hand, I’m afraid of employing it so much that I lose what it means to be human. Some, though, may argue that our ability […]

  • Why I Wanted But Ultimately Stopped Trying to Optimize Everything

    People and, in turn, our world are dominated by intuition. We listen to music and watch films that bring out certain abstract feelings in us. We spend time with people we click with for somewhat inexplicable reasons. We dedicate our careers to what feels right to us and what we care about. Intuition makes up […]

  • Living Life According to Your Internal Values

    A few months after college I started seeing a therapist. While many of the exercises I did with her were eye-opening, the most important one was figuring out what my values are. Interestingly, this is a question people would ask of someone they’re considering to be their life partner, yet it’s something I never thought […]

  • How to Combat Perfectionism

    Perfectionism has plagued my life for as long as I’ve had responsibilities. It’s the reason I’ve procrastinated on or at times barely completed any task I found remotely challenging and the reason I’ve felt an acute and enduring sense of shame any time I did not measure up to my arbitrarily high standards, which happens […]

  • My Struggles with Prestige

    I’m worried that people look down on me. It’s something that’s strange for me to explicitly write down since I don’t think I currently have a bad sense of self worth. In this arena, I actually feel like I’m lucky because I’ve never felt like anyone was inherently better than me. In fact, whenever I’ve […]

  • The Futility of Trying to Do Everything

    A Review of Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burkeman sounds like the typical self-help, productivity hacking book (which I’m kind of a junkie for), but it really is more of a philosophical outlook on our limited time in life and how […]

  • Transitioning from a $180k Investment Banking Job to an Impact Investing Nonprofit

    I recently quit my investment banking analyst job earning $180k a year to join an impact investing non-profit where I’m earning a typical junior-level nonprofit salary. Surprisingly, it did not take me long to sign the offer letter after I received it. This wasn’t because I thoroughly thought through all the implications of such a […]